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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Open Letter

Once upon a time, well really a few days ago, I put up a post on facebook asking for some support handing out fliers and leaflets. Within a few hours, someone posted that they were willing to donate fliers and posters.

After several email exchanges, we had begun to build a professional relationship. He not only designed fliers, but also gave us this web domain so that our website could have a cozier spot to call home. Amazed by the level of generosity and hard work, not to mention that facebook actually WORKED, we began to discuss deeper issues surrounding the Love Your Coast movement. He sent me this email, and agreed to let me post it because I thought it captured the moment we currently find ourselves in quite well.

I cannot describe the disdain I feel when my beloved coast is being used by those who can profit from its destruction. We need funding through this lawsuit, and we need a voice to support those folks that are doing everything they can to protect us from the influx of oil.

Waiting to clean it up with federal money is NOT my position. We need to act. We cannot wait like we did in 2005. Lousiana can protect itself if we can have an AMERCIA wide voice. Haiti had less total habitat loss per capita over the next 100 years than we did in the first day.

This is a threat. We are the voice. We, peacefully through adhering to the document of this state that brought us together, can achieve protection without permission through vocal support of our local officials who are saying 'HELP!' all the way to the GOVERNOR.

We are the voice. We have a chance. Funding is what we need, no matter if we can protect ourselves - funding is what we need because we are GOING to having to clean up. Best to start a lawsuit now.

Otherwise, we can possibly be capped by federal laws that had nothing to do with our Louisiana coastline.

Thanks for helping with this. This is exactly what we need as a nation. We were left behind without a voice in Katrina and Rita.

We will have our stance with the nation now. We are a state. We are under threat.

Help us protect, with everything we need. The coast is our goal, we as Americans are responsible. Lets do something. After a political stance for funding, there are engineering stances that can be taken to ensure we have the ability to quickly deploy assets to aid us in times like these.

It can be done. We can do it.

Forget left and right. We, at the very least, need to adapt to this accident, forgo political agendas and help support those in office who protect us, as a State. Either that, or we'll be left with the wrath of the conflict between those that will not be affected at the Federal level. And under no circumstances is our coast up for a gamble.

I suppose I have rambled enough. Can't wait to meet.

Lets do this.

-Derek Hinch
Baton Rouge, LA


See you at the capitol, Derek.

Will YOU be there, too?